Approximately 1 in 6 men will experience sexual abuse in their lifetime.

The Male Survivors program provides free and confidential counselling support to men in Thunder Bay and area who have experienced sexual abuse or assault.  The program supports men aged 16 and over to regain a sense of control over their lives by developing positive coping skills. It is designed specifically to meet men’s needs in a way that speaks to men.

Please do not live in silence.

Share how you are feeling with someone you can trust.

There are thousands of male survivors living in communities across Northern Ontario.

  • Male survivors come from all walks of life.
  • They are all ages, cultures and religions.
  • Male survivors are straight, gay and bisexual.
  • They are community leaders, fishermen, labourers and professionals.
  • Male survivors are neighbours, friends, fathers and sons.
  • They are strong and courageous men. Male survivors of abuse or assault often live in silence.